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We are at our essence Nature Enthusiasts: People who have an intense interest in the natural world, specifically we frequently adventure in natural places for enjoyment and relaxation. 

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About Reem Zara (Me): Embracing Wilderness and Creativity

Greetings, fellow nature enthusiasts! I'm Reem Zara, the heart and soul behind Zara Rebel Designs. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of southwest Western Australia, I find solace and inspiration in the beauty of untouched wilderness. As a dedicated wilderness lover, I channel my creativity into designing products that reflect the essence of nature.

Inspiration and Design Process: Crafting Eco-Friendly Fashion

Every creation on this website is a result of my love for the wilderness. Having spent 30 years in the Art, Design, and Media industry, my right brain dominance and dyslexia fuel my need for creative expression. The majority of the products are meticulously designed by me, with a focus on thoughtful composition on textile templates.

To maintain a sustainable approach, most items are made to order or printed upon request. This ensures a zero-waste strategy in production, manufacturing, and shipping. Explore more detail on the made-to-order collection represented by Rainbow Bee Eaters:                

Level: 1 Rainbow Bee Eater, Made to Order with No waste in manufacturing, production or shipping. Find out more here

Level: 2 Rainbow Bee Eaters  Made to Order with No waste in manufacturing, production or shipping And Sustainably Sourced: Eco and Enviro Friendly. Find out more here

Level: 3 Rainbow Bee Eaters  No waste in manufacturing, production or shipping And Sustainably Sourced: Eco and Enviro Friendly. With Ethical Manufacturing, prioritising good health for environment, workers and consumers. Find out more here


Recently, I've introduced Ready To Ship clothes and shoes, handpicked for their unique design, materials, or fashion style. Discover more about these products in the No Birds Section here. 


Evolution of Zara Rebel Designs: From Sports Apparel to Eco-Friendly Fashion

Zara Rebel Designs began when I couldn't find the sports apparel I desired. Thus, I started creating prints inspired by the colors and patterns of flora and fauna (nature and environment). Obsessed with stripes and spots, my website has expanded to include environmentally friendly apparel and accessories, addressing my discovery of the overuse of polyester (plastic) in sports apparel.

Behind the Scenes: Your Connection with Zara Rebel Designs

  • The items featuring Rainbow Bee Eaters are exclusively designed by me, Zara, located in Western Australia. As the sole owner and employee, I am committed to providing personalised customer service.

  • Manufacturing and shipping are handled by partner printers across the USA, Australia, and overseas. This Print on Demand (POD) approach allows for a vast range of design options without the need for excess inventory.

  • Rainbow Bee Eater items are custom made to order, with a production time averaging 2-21days worldwide with shipping included in all products. The No Birds items, ready to ship, reach destinations worldwide within 4 to 14 days worldwide with shipping included in all products.

Your Shopping Experience: What to Expect

  • Express shipping upgrades are available for select items, though at a higher cost. Contact me for a quote.

  • While 99% of items are shipped within 5 days, unforeseen circumstances like delays or misprints can occur. If tracking information is not available 7 days post-order, reach out to me.

  • If any issues arise upon receiving your order, please notify me. I'm dedicated to finding a resolution, be it a replacement or refund, though items may need to be returned in unused condition.

  • For larger quantities or potential bulk discounts, don't hesitate to contact me

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Happy shopping, and let nature inspire your style!


Warmly, Reem Zara

Master of Arts in European Media
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art, Design, and Media