Ladies Aussie Produced Eco/Ethical Hoodie

three rainbow bee eaters

Meet our Manufacturer: AS Colour

This summary provides an overview of AS Colour's commitment to ethics, sustainable cotton, women empowerment, and product safety. It also includes a "Read More" link for those who want to explore further.

Ethical Commitment: AS Colour is dedicated to making a positive impact through ethical practices. They are part of the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2018, focusing on worker rights and environmental protection. BSCI helps improve supply chains, including environmental sustainability.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI): AS Colour supports Better Cotton (BCI) to enhance global cotton farming practices. This initiative aims for sustainable cotton production, reducing pesticide use and conserving water. By choosing AS Colour, you contribute to a better cotton world.

Partnership with Reemi: AS Colour partners with Reemi to improve working conditions, supporting women in factories. They've scaled important programs, providing menstrual products, education, and safe spaces, benefitting thousands of women.

OEKO-TEX® Certification: AS Colour ensures product safety and environmental responsibility with OEKO-TEX® certification. Their products meet strict criteria, free from harmful substances, making them safe for consumers and eco-friendly.

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